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Since 1999 Central Banking Publications has organised annual residential training courses and seminars in Cambridge and Windsor, tho which more than 2,500 central bankers and supervisors from over 120 countries have attended.


Serving the World's Central Banks

Central banks are the fulcrum of financial markets. Their decisions on interest rates, exchange rates, credit creation and regulation cascade through markets impacting banks, individuals and the economy as a whole. Since 1990, Central Banking Publications has served this specialist community and its related professionals in more than 140 countries.

The financial crisis that began in 2007 changed the practice of central banking forever. As institutions and markets around the world threatened to implode, central banks were forced to take drastic steps in a bid to prevent economic disaster. With the path to recovery far from certain, central banks are formulating policies that will shape markets and market behaviour for decades to come.

Central Banking Publications’s founding mission was to help forge a common central banking community at a time when, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, many new central banks were entering or re-entering the global economy. This mission endures and we strive for global coverage through dedicated reporting, informed analysis and comment, and practical perspectives on the most important issues facing central banks and central bankers.

Central Banking Publications facilitates and interface between, on the one hand central banks and regulators and on the other, market practitioners and related professionals, regularly collaborating with academics, practitioners and specialists to contribute to publications and join meetings and events.


Since its foundation in 1990, Central Banking journal has been the only regular, independent publication for and about central banks. The journal is complemented by directories and books on specialist policy areas such as reserve management, payments and financial stability.



As over 4000 central bankers and regulators can attest, events from training courses/seminars in Cambridge and Windsor to quarterly public conferences on four continents to specialised high-level roundtables provide opportunities for in-depth discussion of the most pressing policy questions.



The core of is daily news and comment for the central banking community. Global in outlook and reach, the service features live and interactive webinars with leading central bankers and academics, and content from the journal and directory.