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Hedge Funds

Providing global coverage of the fastest growing segments of the financial services industry, Hedge Funds Review delivers a range of analysis, in-depth and relevant features, news, video and audio content, including interviews with some of the top portfolio managers and institutional investors. Started in 2000 Hedge Funds Review has become the leading voice of the alternatives industry.

Since the 2008 financial crisis began, hedge funds have become a vital part of the financial services industry and one of its fastest growing sectors. Hedge Funds Review cuts through the noise and information overload to deliver objective analysis, accurate information and timely news and feature-length articles covering a variety of issues of importance to the industry. There is regular reporting on hedge fund strategies, profiles of established and emerging managers around the globe and interviews with the leading names in the industry as well as discussions with a range of institutional investors.

The editorial team regularly talks to a wide range of established and emerging managers around the world, providing thorough analysis of specific strategies, issues of importance to the industry, reporting on the investment community's latest innovations and trends. From its launch in 2000, hedge fund managers, investors and service providers have relied on Hedge Funds Review for its authoritative and objective view of the market. As the market-leading provider of information about the global hedge fund industry, it provides analytical and technical information.


Hedge Funds Review is the leading information resource on the global hedge fund industry. It delivers unrivalled coverage of the market, with in-depth analysis. Its editorial team has access to the leading fund managers, speaking to them to gather their thoughts and opinions.



Hedge Funds Review events focus on quality. European single manager and fund of hedge funds awards and the Americas awards offer a networking opportunity as well as recognising outstanding performance and quality. Service provider rankings give industry participants a voice in naming the best companies.



Hedge Funds Review on provides instant information, compatible with mobile devices. With a streamlined layout, the mobile and tablet versions of the site allow you to navigate and access information quickly and easily. Information can be sent to your inbox via email news alerts.


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