Incisive Media General Election Coverage 2010

The links below will take you straight to an up-to-the-minute list of stories on our websites and blogs tagged UK Election 2010.

You can link to any of these stories, import them into your site (just by copying the article ID if it is already hosted on our CMS), cut and paste them or quote them in stories of your own. The only requirement is that you always provide a link back to the original story. This is not just a matter of courtesy but is also of enormous benefit in terms of optimisation, helping to push all of our stories further up the Google rankings.

There is also the option of having any of these RSS feeds coming straight onto your site. If you want to do this speak to the web team.

In addition to this service, we have a Twitter account – @incisivelection – with all of our election stories if you want an aggregated, real time feed. To start with this will be only open to people at Incisive Media but if it is successful we might open it up to the public after a few days.

We are also sending out a twice daily email up-date highlighting the best stories, providing links to the best sources and also to relevant stories, videos etc published elsewhere. This is sent to all editors but if you would also like to receive it please let David Worsfold know