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Incisive Media extends ad recovery programme to

September 21, 2016

Incisive Business Media has extended its ad recovery programme to, continuing its partnership with anti-ad blocking specialist Rezonence. is the fourth Incisive site to deploy an ad recovery solution, following previous successes with V3, Investment Week and Professional Adviser. The approach has delivered a 40% decrease in ad blocker usage, allowing Incisive to recover more than 300,000 ad impressions per month to date.

The Internet Advertising Bureau estimates that 9.2 million UK adults use anti-ad blocking software, and Incisive is pioneering anti-ad blocking technology in B2B media. Nearly 25% of’s users have an ad blocker installed, and the company estimates this approach will recover more than 500,000 ad impressions per month.

Incisive is continuing its hearts-and-minds approach to this issue, reminding users that its sites are funded by marketing services, which allows the business to deliver high-quality journalism without a subscription, and requesting users to disable their ad blocker.

“This is a brave move because’s audience is very tech savvy,” said publishing director Alan Loader. “We feel it is appropriate because the brand is funded by marketing services and we aim to deliver a high-quality editorial product. Ad blocking endangers this approach and we need to be honest with our audience.”

Incisive piloted its ad recovery strategy on’s sister brand V3, and this is the latest phase in a major programme of digital investment by Incisive Media.

The company has rebuilt all its sites on a new responsive platform with major focus on user engagement and ad performance, including a 30% increase in ad viewability – a key performance metric.

For more information, contact’s sales director Paul Harvey on

Click here to read more about out ad recovery solutions on Investment Week and Professional Adviser


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