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Incisive Media Hong Kong staff lead the way in community programme

August 26, 2015

Volunteers from Incisive Media’s Hong Kong office broke new ground with their first ever ‘inter-generation’ community service event for Po Leung Kuk.

Po Leung Kuk has a long history of providing community service to groups of all ages, including the elderly, students, young people, children and those in rehabilitation programmes. Until now, however, the events have not brought any of these groups together.

Incisive Media is the first company in Hong Kong to create an ‘inter-generation’ community programme that benefits two or more generations. The event, for Po Leung Kuk, brought elderly and young people together for a local tour of Tuen Mun and a studio photography trip.

With the support of the Incisive Media volunteers, one youth team of 20 tour guides, mainly secondary students, gained real work experience by taking the group of 15 people aged from 65 to over 80 around several scenic spots in Tuen Mun in the New Territories. Sights included the Sam Shing Estate Seafood Market, Tuen Mun Park and the Reptile House and Café Heato.


A second group of young photography trainees took portraits and group pictures of the elderly people and volunteers. The pictures will be published in a photo album that will be printed and used as a gift for the elderly people.


The event was filmed and recorded and will be used as a demonstration of successful Corporate Social Responsibility. Incisive Media also secured the support of TM Production (the printer of AVCJ) to sponsor the event. TM is printing the photo albums that will be used to promote Po Leung Kuk’s initiatives, as well as supporting Pro Studio, a social enterprise operated by university graduates who may have performed poorly in academic studies but are passionate about learning photography and developing a career.


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