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Corporate Social Responsibility

Definition of CSR
Corporate Social Responsibility is about ensuring that organisations manage their businesses to make a positive impact on society and the environment while maximising value for their shareholders.

As a global business, Incisive Media is serious about Corporate Social Responsibility, setting policy and standards at board level. We ensure that there is awareness and adherence to the policy and standards in all parts and at all levels of the business. Senior executive management reviews the policy regularly, recommending improvements to ensure that all potential risks to the business are identified and to ensure that our commitment to CSR remains effective.

The CSR policy for the group can be summarised as follows:

1 Effective corporate governance

  • Ensures continuous monitoring of risks, awareness and compliance with CSR legislation and other applicable laws and requirements and ongoing communication to staff regarding awareness and observance of best practices regarding ethics and business conduct

2 Responsible behaviour within our marketplace

  • Working closely with customers and suppliers to ensure that products are produced to the highest possible standard without compromising on our code of ethics.
  • Adherence to our Core Values in everything we do.

3 Highest Standards within the workplace

  • Having an open and fair recruitment policy
  • Creating an inclusive environment that values employees from different backgrounds and enables everyone to reach his/her full potential
  • Running a business as a meritocracy, where talent drives success
  • Observance of the health and safety regulations of the jurisdictions in which we operate, to properly protect all of our employees, whether at work or while on company business

4 Supporting the wider community

  • Active support for charitiers and community organisations through fundraising and volunteer initiatives promoted by the Incisive Media Foundation.

5 Caring for the environment

  • Recognition of the impact our business has on the environment, principally in terms of usage of paper, water and waste
  • Working closely with suppliers to incorporate the use of sustainable materials and technologies where appropriate
  • Active participation by all staff in the collecting and recycling of appropriate materials within the workplace
  • Publication of environmentally focused content, such as the Business Green website, to advise our customers on how to improve their environmental performance within a business context