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We are a global digital information, research and events business serving the global risk, financial technology and insurance markets. Our market-leading brands empower customers to succeed by providing trusted, actionable insight and analysis. In March 2017 our long-established brands became part of the Infopro Digital group.

We engage our audience through an award-winning portfolio of highly valuable digital information and research products, and connect them through a series of global flagship events. We also work with clients to develop sophisticated digital marketing solutions that deliver ROI and enable them to grow their businesses. We are a team defined by our people and passion, and a business powered by knowledge and innovation.

Markets & Audience

We are centred on the global audiences of the risk, financial technology and insurance markets. These three markets are growing in size, importance and complexity and our brands are the undisputed leaders in these markets, providing deep expertise and unique insight to support the business-critical information needs of our customers.

We serve the global risk, financial technology and insurance markets and our audience therefore reflects the complexity and diversity of the global financial system. From banks, central banks, buy-side firms, regulators and insurers to exchanges, trading platforms, ratings agencies, consultants, advisors, brokers and vendors.

Our brands are deeply embedded in their communities and have trusted access to the most influential industry leaders in their markets. Our readers make the biggest decisions in their fields, come from a cross-section of functions (leadership, strategy, finance, operations, sales, marketing, product and technology) and have substantial purchasing power.

Overview of the global risk, financial technology and insurance markets we serve:


Our audience has rapidly-growing business-critical information needs.

The global and fast-moving markets our customers operate in are experiencing ever-accelerating change: intensifying and evolving regulatory frameworks, changing market dynamics (business models and competitive landscapes) and technology-driven market disruptions. These core information drivers are business-critical because they are high probability and high impact.

Our depth of understanding and experience makes us the trusted guide, delivering a unique outlook on these issues as well as a valuable global perspective. Relied on by business leaders, regulators and investors, our brands provide actionable insight and analysis to navigate and succeed in these increasingly complex markets.

Rapidly-growing business-critical information needs driven by three key areas


  • Proliferation of regulatory frameworks
  • 2.3x regulatory pace of change
  • £250bn+ fines paid by top 20 global banks
  • More timely and precise reporting essential

complexComplexity & Cost

  • Increasingly complex global financial markets
  • New business models & competition
  • Escalating cost of compliance
  • Refinement and continuous risk monitoring


  • Technology-driven market disruption
  • Surge in computational demands
  • £45bn and rapidly growing Risk IT spend

The global market for risk and risk transfer, currently estimated at £12tn, is increasing in importance and complexity. At it’s core the three cornerstones:

  • Risk management,
  • Regulation, and
  • Derivatives

These three areas are key to understanding the market. Derivatives started as a risk management tool, later becoming a way of expressing market views and ultimately developing into an important layer of the financial system which has been closely tracked by regulators since the financial crisis.

Also fundamental to these markets are the influence and impact of central banks and the on-going changes within the global financial market structure, such as the growing importance of the buy-side.

Our deep and expert knowledge across these areas coupled with our unique access to industry leaders and regulators ensures our insight is valuable, impactful and actionable. We are dedicated to providing trusted advice and analysis to the world’s finance and risk practitioners.

The UK insurance market, currently estimated at £225bn, is in constant change and has more recently been characterised by consolidation of major players. The market swings between profitable and less-profitable periods in what is known as the underwriting or insurance cycle - oscillating between ‘soft’ periods of low premiums and profits, and ‘hard’ periods of rising premiums.

All businesses operating in this space are constantly adjusting to these cyclical pressures as well as innovating and adapting to:

  • New products: e.g., driverless cars, cyber insurance
  • Changing distribution channels: e.g., aggregators, price comparison websites
  • Emerging business models: e.g., big data, new technology plaforms
  • Increased risk management and regulation

Our understanding of the market and its trends ensures we can provide business insight and information to those charting the path for their organisations. Insurance companies, brokers and the many companies that support this industry have trusted in our brands since 1840.

The global financial technology market is a large and rapidly changing market with expenditure in the global financial industry estimated at £130bn, and fintech investments expected to grow at 18% per annum. This fast moving market is characterised by consolidation, new entrants, new products and new technologies.

The use of technology and data underpins every aspect of day-to-day operations in financial institutions, including for example, compliance around executed trades, cyber risk threats and increasing regulatory requirements. Our focus on this market is two-fold.

  • Technology: As disruptive technologies emerge and existing technologies evolve, there is a need for clarity on which platforms to invest in. Vendors and financial institutions rely on us to inform them on how buy- and sell-side firms select, buy and integrate technology and manage the risks involved. We also provide strategic support to vendors on product development and strategy.

  • Data: Market data volumes continue to grow and increase in complexity. Chief data officers need to understand how their peers are managing, structuring and integrating data, improving its quality and reporting on it. Given the large budgets involved, market and reference data specialists value and rely on the independent analysis and insight we provide through our brands.

Our Brands

Our market-leading brands inform, engage and enable the communities they serve. We inform them by going deep into the subject matter to unlock insight, challenge established thinking and explain the ongoing transformation of our markets. We engage them with industry peers and provide learning opportunities at our events, and we enable buyers to connect with sellers, helping both to improve their business ROI.

risk_logo_small width= (est 1987) has a team of 40 experienced sector specialists across the globe. The team works across five desks – risk management, regulation, derivatives, commodities and asset management – reviewing complex issues, speaking with practitioners, regulators and other stakeholders, and writing detailed, analytical assessments of the implications for our customers. In addition to, the portfolio contains FX Week, a standalone brand covering the global foreign exchange market. has a thriving events business, running hugely successful summits and congresses, awards and rankings, briefings, webinars and roundtables.


centralbanking (est 1990)

CB FinalSince 1990, Central Banking has served the specialist community of central bankers and its related professionals in more than 140 countries. The founding mission was to help forge a common central banking community, and the growing events portfolio is a testament to the success of that vision. Each year, central bankers from around the world attend our highly reputed executive education series in Cambridge, Windsor and Kuala Lumpur, as well as quarterly events and roundtables on four continents where they learn and network with their peers.


chartis_logo (est 2005)

chartis-imgChartis is internationally recognised as the leading provider of research and analysis on the £45bn global market for risk and compliance technology. The team of ex-practitioners and research directors are engaged by financial institutions, central banks, technology vendors and consulting firms for strategic decision making, product selection and thought leadership. The market-leading RiskTech 100® is a must-read report for technology purchasers and vendors, and is brought to life at the annual RiskTech 100 Awards.


InsurancePost (est 1840)


InsurancePost has been delivering business-critical information for the general insurance market. Considered essential reading by senior managers in the sector, InsurancePost’s strength lies in the breadth and depth of its coverage across insurance, broking, claims, technology and risk management. Coverage of the broker market is supplemented by Insurance Age, which also runs the hugely successful Broker Expo series of exhibitions each year. The jewel in the crown of the Insurance portfolio is the British Insurance Awards, held annually at The Royal Albert Hall and attended by more than 2,200 people.


waters (est 1983)

Waters Tech final is the leading source of information on the financial IT sector focusing on the technology and data that investment banks, exchanges, asset managers and hedge funds use to manage their day-to-day operations. Coverage spans the whole spectrum of financial technology, from security, data, regulation and compliance, to competitive analysis, organisational and business change. Each of these topics is also covered in depth through a series of events, with summits taking place globally throughout the year, alongside awards, briefings, webinars and roundtables.


waters (est 1990)

Waters Tech final

FX Week is the leading news service for the global foreign exchange industry. We report on the world’s largest market, and pride ourselves as being the most credible publication in the field. Our team reports, analyses and informs our readers about latest developments, currency forecasts, people and company moves and crucial regulatory updates. FX Week also runs annual conferences and awards across the globe. Our events attract delegates from across the foreign exchange market from buy-side companies, investment banks, market makers to technology vendors.


Products & Services

As a customer-centric business, we have a rich, digital offering providing critical content throughout the day. We deliver customised content via responsive websites, ‘real-time’ and ‘edition’ apps, research reports and newsletters, and connect audiences through learning-led, networking and digital events.

The guiding principle of our data and information services business is exceptional quality of content. Customers use our products to gain a deep understanding of the issues that matter, so they can continually navigate their firms safely through both turbulent and calm times.

They trust us to simplify complex topics and rely on us to provide them with privileged access to the thoughts of key industry leaders. We provide marketplace trends, world-class technical research and high-quality analysis and insights at the right time and in the right context.


analysisAnalysis & insight

With so much changing in the markets we cover, our customers need trusted, detailed intelligence and analysis on what this means for their companies and careers, their clients and their competitors. Our brands have built a loyal, global audience of subscribers who pay for the insight we provide. Find out more about our subscriptions in the risk, insurance and financial technology sectors. Most firms take enterprise subscriptions, ensuring their employees are equipped with continual learning and development to enable them to do their jobs with confidence as the market changes at pace.


We run a thriving research business headed by Chartis, the leading global provider of research and insight for the risk technology market. Chartis publishes a number of industry reports, white papers and research articles, all of which analyse the systems, products, vendors, applications and trends in the risk technology marketplace. These include the flagship Chartis RiskTech100® report which is globally acknowledged as the most comprehensive study of the world’s significant risk and compliance technology companies.

Buyers of risk technology use Chartis research for the analysis of different risk technology solutions on the market, post-sales performance of system implementation, total cost of ownership comparisons and customer satisfaction ratings. For vendors, Chartis provides research and advisory documents on market analysis, product direction, go-to-market strategy and positioning, and pricing strategy.

techiconTechnical knowledge

The portfolio is world-renowned as the leading source of technical content in the financial risk management space. The reason our technical content is held in such high regard is that all journals and papers are peer-reviewed and subject to a rigorous selection process. As such, our technical papers, journals and books are essential reading for quants, analysts, modellers, researchers and academics.
There are four main areas of technical content:

  • Cutting edge: This section of is known as the place to be published. Quite simply, it is reserved only for the leading thinkers in this space
  • Journals: Nine separate Journals publishing original and innovative papers inform a broad, global readership on the latest thinking on their specialist subjects
  • Books: With more than 180 different titles, Risk Books has been a world leader in specialist books on risk management for over 20 years
  • White papers & practitioner guides: Three specialist digital sites act as repositories for analyst reports, market trends, white papers and case studies.

We have an established portfolio of branded, integrated, annual events. These range from must-attend Congress, Summit and country/region-specific events, to industry-focused Awards and Rankings and an annual Executive Education Series. These events are narrow-cast, and form permanent entries into our audience’s diaries, enabling experts and peers to engage in community-led networking and learning.


summits-icon Summits & congresses

The key to the success of our programme of integrated annual events is that they follow months of industry research and are developed in partnership with the editorial teams. The series of branded events take place across the globe, and broadly fit into two main categories. The first is a country- or region-specific, large-scale annual event, such as Risk USA, European Financial Information Summit or Asia Risk Congress. The second type of branded events are audience or topic specific, such as Quant Congress, Family Office Leadership Summit or Claims Club Summit.

awards Industry-led awards & rankings

We run a series of 30 glittering awards ceremonies across the globe, recognising and celebrating excellence, and showcasing the best in the industry. All our awards have a rigorous entry and judging process designed to reward those individuals and firms who have excelled in their field. The biggest event in our portfolio is the British Insurance Awards, which takes place in front of a packed audience of 2,200 at the Royal Albert Hall each July.

Our annual Rankings identify the market’s top dealers, vendors, brokers and banks across a number of categories voted for by peers and relevant market experts. Risk Institutional Rankings, Asia Risk Corporate and Institutional Rankings, FX Week Best Banks Awards, Hedge Funds Review Service Provider Rankings and Energy Risk Commodity Rankings are just some of our highly contested rankings, each receiving thousands of responses each year.

awards Executive Education Series

The Executive Education Series consists of a number of Central Banking residential training courses, run annually in Cambridge, Windsor and Kuala Lumpur. They are widely recognised as the premier forums for decision makers from official sector wealth, reserves and savings funds to examine the implications of current market stresses, and to share ideas and network with peers. Thousands of central bankers have benefited from taking part in the annual Series, and stay connected with their fellow delegates from other central banks long after the event.

digitalevent-icon Digital and niche events

To cater for customers who prefer distance learning, we run an extensive schedule of webinars. The digital programme allows a wide, geographically diverse audience to keep up to date with specialist topics, technological change, regulation and compliance.

For clients interested in highly targeted niche events aimed at senior-level executives, we also run a thriving roundtable and briefings business, aimed at covering specific topics in a more relaxed environment than a conference. These events range from half-day briefings, to invitation-only events operating under Chatham House rules.

Selected flagship events across our portfolio

Connecting buyers with sellers

We enable our clients to grow their businesses. With unrivalled and trusted access to and relationships with global senior executives across risk management, central banking, insurance and financial technology, we are ideally positioned to enable sellers to connect with buyers. Our audience is made up of influential industry leaders that make the biggest decisions in their fields, come from a cross-section of functions (leadership, strategy, finance, operations, sales, marketing, product and technology) and have substantial purchasing power.

Whatever stage of the sales and marketing cycle – building awareness, positioning around thought leadership, creating content, building highly qualified leads or developing a marketing or growth strategy – our Marketing Services team can help achieve your business goals and deliver measurable return on investment.

Our sophisticated process of data capture across all our platforms, products and brands enables clients to target clearly defined audience groups within our global network. Our experienced Marketing Services team works with clients to build customised and managed marketing solutions programmes. Clients can engage directly with potential customers at our wide range of in-person events and exhibitions, build brand and product awareness across our award-winning digital platforms, or generate leads through content marketing, thought leadership and white papers.

Risk & Technology

Custom audiences include a breadth of senior professionals working in risk management, derivatives, regulators, asset management and insurance, energy, financial stability and monetary policy, trading technology and foreign exchange.



Custom audience comprises of a range of senior executives, including general insurers, global, regional and niche brokers, as well as the many service providers supporting the sector.


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