Incisive Media announces Ecosphere+ as their official carbon offset partner for 2019

Following our commitment to a sustainable events agenda, Incisive Media is pleased to announce that Ecosphere+  will offset the total of their events carbon footprint to help protect the critical ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest.

Ecosphere+ is a mission-driven business that helps companies create and implement nature-based solutions that enable them to succeed in a world aligned with global climate and development goals.

As part of the €100 million impact investment Althelia Climate Fund, Ecosphere+ brings to market the largest portfolio of forest conservation projects in the world, generating verified carbon credits and measurable sustainable development impacts. In their partnership with Incisive Media, they have agreed to offset the total amount of emissions required to cover their entire events portfolio for 2019 plus an additional 5% – equalling an estimated total of 2,220 tonnes.

Ecosphere+ will be using the Incisive Media footprint on two of their Peruvian projects, which are focused on working closely with local and indigenous communities to address local deforestation threats to protect the critical ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest.

Lisa Walker, CEO of Ecosphere+ said: “We are delighted to be working with Incisive Media to support threatened forests in Peru and draw attention to the critical role of natural climate solutions in addressing climate change.  We applaud companies that take action to measure and reduce their carbon footprint and then offset unavoidable emissions.”

“We are delighted to partner with Ecosphere+ and use our carbon footprint to help protect the critical ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest. Incisive Media take our (ESG) standards seriously and we are delighted to lead on this initiative as we have so many times before,” said Incisive Media events managing director Simone Broadhurst.

Incisive Media run in excess of one hundred events every year serving the professional business markets.

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