Incisive Media awards celebrate quality and excellence in its staff, brands and innovations

January 23, 2015

Paul Harvey, inspirational manager of the Business Technology Group’s sales teams, scooped the coveted Incisive Media Employee of the Year Award at the company’s annual awards celebrations at The Troxy on 22 January.

Now in their 11th year, the Incisive Media Awards showcase the top performing people, brands and projects over the past year, with 400 staff from the London offices applauding their success and partying the night away.

This year’s awards were also a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the launch of Investment Week, the product that started the journey that led to the formation of Incisive Media. To mark that milestone, Chairman and Chief Executive Tim Weller gave a special Chief Executive’s Award for Outstanding Service to Lawrence Gosling, launch editor of Investment Week and now Editorial Director of Incisive Media.

Tim told the audience why Lawrence deserved this special award: “As you know, we don’t make this award every year because it is given to an individual who has genuinely made an outstanding contribution to the company’s success, often over many years. However, in our 20th year this is one of the years when there is an individual who deserves this special recognition.

“Almost 20 years ago this very week Investment Week was launched. There were just a dozen of us but we all believed we had the right formula to take the market by storm – and we did just that.

“I was very lucky in the people I had around me. They shared my vision and brought that vision to life. In doing so, we laid the foundation stone for what is now Incisive Media.

“I am passionate about content and one of the best decisions I ever made was to listen to a friend of mine’s advice and appoint the best and most respected investment editor in the business to head up the editorial team on Investment Week and to deliver on the editorial blueprint I had put together.

“Without Investment Week there would be no Incisive Media. Without Lawrence Gosling there would be no Investment Week. Lawrence you know how much I and indeed the company owe you. I hope, in a small way, this award gives you the recognition you deserve”.

Other key award winners were Computing, which was crowned Brand of the Year, and the project to transform Incisive’s websites to be fully responsive to the demands of mobile use, which was named the Digital Initiative of the Year.

The awards also embrace Incisive’s North American and Asia offices, their brands and people and there were plenty of winners in both New York and Hong Kong among the 46 winners and highly commended entries.

Tim Weller also praised the work of the Incisive Media Foundation which raises money to support charities working in the fields of literacy and education: “I want to congratulate all of you for the fantastic support you – and your brands – have given the Incisive Media Foundation. Last year the Foundation raised £240,000 for our partner charities – Chicks, Place2Be and EdUKAid. People have run, cycled, baked cakes, supported quizzes and raffles and engaged our clients at events to support the Foundation’s mission to improve literacy and education.

“This year the Foundation will pass the £1 million mark for the amount it has raised since it started in 2010 – what a magnificent achievement. One you can all be proud of”.

Pictured above (l to r) are Jamie Campbell-Harris (CFO), Paul Harvey and Tim Weller (Chairman and Chief Executive).


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