Quartet of wins for Investment Week and Professional Pensions

The awards – which were judged by a panel of more than 30 independent industry experts from institutional and wholesale markets – were presented on Thursday, November 29 at a dinner in London.

Investment Week won the Wholesale Team of the Year award and Professional Pensions won the Institutional Team of the Year accolade.

In addition, Professional Pensions deputy editor Stephanie Baxter was named Institutional Journalist of the Year and Investment Week deputy editor Natalie Kenway was a runner up in the Wholesale Journalist of the Year category.

Commenting on the awards, Kames Capital chief executive Martin Davis said: “I would like to congratulate all of the journalists nominated for this year’s awards especially the deserving winners and runners up. I would also like to thank the panel of esteemed judges for their considered nominations.

“Journalists have a vital role in translating the complexities, nuances and anomalies of investments to their audience and we are delighted to once again have the opportunity to recognise their efforts.”

“These award wins are an important accolade for Incisive’s financial journalists,” said Incisive Media CEO Jonathon Whiteley. “Quality journalism is what makes us tick, and it’s humbling to receive this recognition from the sectors we serve. I’m incredibly pleased for Stephanie and Natalie, and of course for the IW and PP editorial teams.”

Kames Capital is a UK-based investment management business with £43 billion of assets under management. It is a global leader in sustainable investing. For more information go to www.kamescapital.com.

BusinessGreen unveils new brand identity and more exclusive insight for subscribers

Incisive Media has today launched a major revamp of the market-leading BusinessGreen brand, unveiling a new brand identity, mission statement, content offering, and events programme, which will provide subscribers with more exclusive insight and intelligence on the fast-evolving green economy.

Officially unveiled yesterday at a reception in the Houses of Parliament attended by political and business leaders from across the green economy, the new logo and mission statement is designed to reflect the growing interest in environmental issues amongst the mainstream business community.

It is accompanied by a new subscriber package and extensive content offering designed to provide readers with more actionable insight as they navigate the rapidly evolving challenges and opportunities presented by the global green industrial revolution.

The revamped content offering features a range of new formats, including:

  • New columns from BusinessGreen’s Madeleine Cuff and Michael Holder, as well as award winning journalists Louise Gray and Tom Chivers.
  • A new Overnight Briefing newsletter for BusinessGreen Subscribers.
  • New broadcast quality video features and interviews.
  • A monthly In the Green Room interview with leading sustainability execs.
  • A new series of quarterly Morning Briefing events, starting with an inaugural conference on TCFD Reporting on Sept 12th.
  • The second annual BusinessGreen Leaders’ Summit on October 16th.
  • A new editorial campaign called Net Zero Now, which will explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the transition to a net zero emission economy.


The revamp is accompanied by a new BusinessGreen Leaders’ Subscription Package that will provide premium subscribers with access to all of BusinessGreen’s online content, attendance at the Leaders’ Summit and quarterly Morning Briefing Event, exclusive access to a new annual report on the trends shaping the green economy, and other benefits.

BusinessGreen Editor-in-Chief James Murray said that having celebrated the site’s 10th anniversary last year it was time to refresh the brand and its content offering.

“We loved our old logo with its incorporation of the recycling logo, and we loved the blue skies and clouds that adorned the website,” he said. “But now our concerns extend far beyond recycling. The issues we report on each day are too serious for a backdrop of little fluffy clouds.

“The new font, we hope you agree, is simple, elegant, and, most of all, authoritative. However, you will see there is also a green dot – a deliberate nod to the environmental issues that define our mission, to a circular and sustainable economy, to Earth itself. Yes, we get all that from a dot.”

BusinessGreen Publisher Alan Loader said the new look and subscriber offer would reinforce the title’s market-leading position.

“The green economy is growing fast in reach and influence and Incisive Media is investing to cement BusinessGreen’s position as the premier media brand serving this expanding audience,” he said. “This comprehensive rebrand will help support our wider strategy to offer readers a compelling subscriber and events proposition, while also providing sponsors with the latest cutting-edge marketing services.”



Katie Burridge

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e. [email protected]

Incisive Media launches content marketing arm

Incisive Works are a team of journalists, designers, digital marketers and researchers. The new division provides a number of benefits to financial services firms and technology clients, including detailed audience profiles, editorial services and data-driven insights.

“At a time when marketers in our industry are under increasing pressure to perform as margins decline and resources are squeezed, Incisive Works is serving a growing number of clients with the resources and data insight they need to up their content marketing game,” said Tom Wright, Director, Content and Performance Marketing Services with Incisive Works.

Clients including investment manager Architas are already using the content Incisive Works create as the centrepiece of their marketing programme, and integrating it across their entire corporate communications.

Investec Asset Management has also used the creative execution and marketing skills of the Incisive Works business unit as part of the group’s 2017 ‘Defensification’ campaign. On behalf of the asset manager, Incisive Works created a series of digital assets and videos that were successfully marketed to a ‘highly targeted’ audience over a three month period.

Jonathon Whiteley, CEO, Incisive Media said: “As B2B digital marketing continues to evolve with a keen emphasis on not just branding but performance, so too has Incisive Media with the launch of Incisive Works. The new business unit will serve an expanding client roster in sectors that we have worked in, lived and breathed for decades.”

For more information about Incisive Works, and to read blog commentary on topics such as ‘what information do intermediaries seek from asset managers’, visit www.incisiveworks.com

Incisive Media’s GDPR and Compliance Statement

The GDPR replaces the Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) and is designed to align data privacy laws across Europe, to protect the rights EU individuals have on their data and to reshape the way organisations across the region approach data privacy.

GDPR extends to the UK all the time it remains part of the EU and will likely continue to apply beyond Brexit.

Incisive Media is committed to best practice and to complying with EU data protection requirements relevant to us as a data controller and processor and we will be GDPR compliant when it becomes enforceable on 25th May 2018.

What do we do currently?

Currently, Incisive Media informs attendees to sponsored events and webinars, and downloaders of sponsored content or surveys, that it will pass personal data to the sponsoring third parties.

People who have attended a sponsored event or downloaded sponsored content will have consented to the sharing of their personal data to the sponsoring third party based on these terms and their purpose. Their agreement is both time and date stamped.

Options under GDPR for processing customer data

There are three main considerations from 25th May: (1) PECR, (2) legitimate interest and (3) consent

1. Contacting people using corporate email addresses under PECR

It is important to understand the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) distinction between ‘Individual’ and ‘Corporate’ subscribers as this classification will alter the way in which we process data at Incisive Media.

‘Corporate subscribers’ are people using contact details from companies, LLPs, Scottish partnerships and government bodies.

Contact with ‘corporate subscribers’ is covered by the ‘legitimate interest’ ground for processing and is also permitted under PECR. For more information about this, see below.

The majority of our subscribers are ‘corporate subscribers’ and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (PECR) allow us to contact people via their business emails.

Under PECR we can contact individuals via their corporate email address and we do not need to have their consent or have had any previous dealings with them. Most of our marketing targets are business contacts rather than consumers so PECR is helpful here. However, they have certain rights, particularly where their name is part of their address, including the right to added to the ‘do not contact’ preference services or to ask us not to contact them again.

We can pass their details on directly to our sponsors.  At that point, the sponsor will also become a data controller of their details and must also be compliant, including providing the subscriber with certain information required under GDPR.

An ‘Individual subscriber’ is a sole-trader, some partnerships and those using a non-corporate email address.

Contact with existing ‘Individual’ subscribers to Incisive Media’s products and services, and new subscribers between now and 25th May 2018 is, and will be considered to be, permitted under PECR as it is solicited.

Update to Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (PECR)

The existing PECR will be superseded by the e-Privacy Regulation. The e-Privacy Regulation was originally supposed to coincide with GDPR but is still in draft form and therefore we await further guidance.

However, in brief, the draft Data Protection Bill refers to PECR and so long as it continues to apply, we may continue to target business contacts with whom we have had no prior relationship, subject to the usual safeguards.

2. Contacting people using the grounds of legitimate interest

Legitimate Interest is another lawful basis for processing data under the GDPR and is essentially the same as the equivalent Schedule 2 condition in the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Legitimate interest enables the data controller to undertake marketing for their own business or a third party so long as the data is used in ways that the recipients of the marketing would reasonably expect and which have a minimal privacy impact, or where there is a compelling justification for the processing.

When using legitimate interest as a basis for processing, it is essential to balance the assumed interests against the individual’s. If they would not reasonably expect the processing, their interests are likely to override the legitimate interest ground.

What this means is that so long as the data subject has an expectation of being contacted in relation to a particular topic, then we may contact them accordingly. The way that we will manage this is via a notice at the time they provide their data and with more detail in our privacy policy which explains that we are using the lawful basis of ‘legitimate interest’. Therefore, we will be able to continue to contact ‘individual subscribers’ and provide them with opportunities to download sponsored material or attend sponsored events. Either Incisive Media will manage the download and event registration or we will include a link for the individuals to click and register their details directly with the sponsors. Again, if the individual registers with the sponsor, the sponsor will also become data controller and must be compliant.

By relying on legitimate interest rather than consent to process personal data, Incisive Media understands that we take on extra responsibility for considering and protecting people’s rights and interests and we guarantee that we will do this.

3. Contacting people using the grounds of consent

Consent is another lawful basis for processing data and the GDPR is clearer than the Data Protection Act (DPA) that an indication of consent must be unambiguous and involve a clear affirmative action (an opt-in).

It bans pre-ticked opt-in boxes, and requires individual consent options for distinct processing operations.

Consent should be separate from other terms and conditions and should not generally be a pre-condition of signing up to a service.

Relying upon consent has its complications which is why we will be seeking to rely upon PECR or legitimate interest. However, where we intend to pass on to our sponsors details of ‘individual subscribers’ for sponsors to contact them directly, we will obtain consent from those individuals from 25th May 2018.

Handling unsubscribe requests

All of our emails, whether to individual or business domains have simple, highly visible unsubscribe links. We will record and act upon any unsubscribe requests. This applies whether we have sent them emails based on consent or under PECR.

In summary

Incisive Media is confident of being GDPR compliant. We are certain that we fall within the scope of PECR for ‘corporate subscribers’.

After 25th May 2018 Incisive Media will generally use the lawful basis of Legitimate Interest to contact ‘individual subscribers’ new to Incisive Media.

Also, we are confident that we will be able to pass delegates’ and downloaders’ details to the sponsors of the events and content on the lawful basis of consent as appropriate.

We will continue to review our position under the e-Privacy Regulation and will track further guidance from the ICO and the Article 29 Working Party on the GDPR. Once this is released we will revisit our processes to ensure ongoing compliance.

Our privacy policy and third party terms and conditions have been updated in accordance with GDPR and will be available to view from the 25th May 2018.

If you have any queries regarding this statement or would like to discuss it further please contact Emma Scheck on 020 7484 9841.