Incisive Media wins blue riband digital publisher of the year accolade for a record fifth time

The Covent Garden-based publisher also won the award for employer excellence at a live digital ceremony organised by the Association of Online Publishers on Thursday, October 15 and hosted by comedian Ellie Taylor. Incisive was chosen from a heavyweight shortlist that also included News UK.

Incisive has previously won the b2b digital publisher of the year award in 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2017. It is the sole b2b publisher to rack-up five of these awards.

Citing the employer of the year award, the judges thought that Incisive Media had made impressive progress in their quest to make their company a supportive place to work. A highlight was their achievement in not having a gender pay gap.

It was also a triumphant afternoon for Incisive’s market-leading sustainability brand BusinessGreen. Editor-in-chief James Murray was crowned digital editor of the year from a shortlist that also included the editors of Elle, House Beautiful and Digital Spy. Meanwhile, BusinessGreen was highly-commended in the best b2b online brand category.

The judges agreed that Business Green had a very successful year with real movement in their underlying commercials. They were impressed by the brand’s focus on their key audience and the ensuing membership growth.

James Murray was specifically cited for managing a relaunch that turned a niche publication in to a market-leading brand,  a clear mission well delivered, high profile journalism and delivery of innovation around formats.

Incisive Media CEO Jonathon Whiteley said: “This was a triumphant afternoon for Incisive Media. To win digital publisher of the year for a record fifth time demonstrates the consistently innovative and excellent service we deliver for our audiences and customers, which is a tribute to the talent, ingenuity and sheer dedication of the whole team in a year that has been so difficult for the whole sector.

“We’re also thrilled to be honoured for our championing of sustainability and diversity. And in James, we’re privileged to have one of the most inspirational and insightful editors in the b2b sector. All in all, we’re in tremendous shape to succeed in today’s challenging and fast-changing publishing environment.”

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Incisive Media Foundation signs partnership with Women’s Aid to broaden diversity initiative

The Incisive Media Foundation was established in 2011 and has raised in excess of £1.5M since then for a range of charities for vulnerable people, including mental health charity MIND and Chicks.

Women’s Aid is the national charity for women and children. It has been at the forefront of shaping and coordinating responses to domestic abuse through practice, research and policy. The charity is a federation of more than 180 organisations, providing 300 local life-saving services to vulnerable women and girls across the country. Its services have been in even greater demand during the Covid-19 epidemic.

“We are extremely proud to be working with Women’s Aid as one of our three charitable partners in 2020,” said Incisive Media MD of events Simone Broadhurst. “As a business, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to support women, and to celebrate their many successes with our increasing suite of diversity events.”

Women’s Aid joins Place2Be and The Connection at St Martin’s on the roster of charities supported by Incisive Media. Place2Be is a children’s mental health charity with more than 25 years’ experience working with pupils, families and staff in UK schools. It provides mental health support in schools through one-to-one and group counselling using tried and tested methods backed by research. The Connection at St Martin’s helps thousands of people every year to move away from, and stay off, the streets of London. The charity achieves this by tackling the underlying causes of rough sleeping as well as offering practical help.

The Incisive Media Foundation raises significant funds for these charities through Incisive Media’s portfolio of events. It also seeks to provide a framework through which staff can volunteer a small amount of their time to contribute their skills and make a meaningful difference to the lives of others. The Foundation is managed by a dedicated committee of staff from across the business, providing executive oversight and strategic input. Teams working in every area of the company participate in furthering the Foundation’s aims.

“At Incisive Media we focus on making sure we create an environment that fosters a supportive, inclusive and challenging culture with a deep sense of integrity,” said Incisive Media CEO Jonathon Whiteley. “The Incisive Media Foundation is an important cornerstone of this ethos, and I’m delighted that we are now supporting Women’s Aid alongside our longstanding charitable partners.”

AOP Digital Awards: Incisive Media adds another five nominations to its 2020 shortlist tally

We have made the cut in the following categories this year: innovation of the year, Computing Delta; B2B editor of the year, BusinessGreen’s editor-in-chief James Murray; two nominations in the B2B brand of the year category, CRN and BusinessGreen; and a further nomination in the employer of the year category.

Incisive Media has traditionally had a strong showing at these awards, and holds the B2B publisher of the year honours for a record four years.

“We are delighted to be shortlisted in the AOP awards this year, and for this recognition from our peers,” said CEO Jonathon Whiteley. “The range of categories we are shortlisted in demonstrates how much we are doing across the business to develop our products for users and clients, and this is a testament to the innovation and hard work of our people.”

Incisive Media kicked off its industry awards season with wins for CRN in the B2B commercial team and B2B brand of the year category at the Campaign Publishing Awards on June 17.

The business has also secured four shortlist nods at the 2020 PPA Awards: CRN, business information product of the year; James Murray, editor of the year; Computing Delta, innovation of the year; and the business has also made the shortlist for sustainability initiative of the year.

The 2020 AOP Awards will take place virtually on Thursday, October 15. To see the full shortlist go to

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Incisive Media shortlisted for four gongs at the PPA Awards 2020

CRN, the leading news source for the UK IT Channel, has secured a nomination in the business information product of the year category. Business Green’s acclaimed editor-in-chief James Murray joins a sterling line-up for the editor of the year category, and Computing Delta – the new market intelligence service for CIOs and IT leaders – has scooped a much-deserved place on the innovation of the year shortlist.

Finally, after making waves throughout the event and media industry with their mission to become a truly sustainable business, Incisive Media has made the shortlist for sustainability initiative.

The four shortlist nominations highlight the enviable product portfolio, talent and strategic direction of the business and all entries firmly deserve their place as finalists.

“I am delighted to see us shortlisted in these categories at the PPA Awards 2020, because now really is the time to celebrate our dedicated employees and our market-leading products,” said Incisive Media CEO Jonathon Whiteley. “The nominations are testament to the hard work and innovation that takes place across our business to deliver outstanding services and journalism. To be nominated for sustainability initiative means so much as we are truly on a mission to become a fully sustainable business.”

The PPA Awards 2020 will take place as a virtual ceremony at 4:30 BST on June 30 instead of the usual gala dinner at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel. To see the full shortlist go to

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Business Green

Computing Delta

Incisive Media sustainability initiative

Count them all out, count them all back

Three years ago, when the founder and senior management team of B2B publisher Incisive Media acquired the business in a management buyout, they decided to introduce more agile working to the company, which provides news and information to the technology and financial sectors. “It feels like foresight now,” says CEO Jonathon Whiteley.

Most staff were already working from home one or two days a week, so when lockdown was announced in the middle of March, the transition was relatively smooth. Of the company’s 180 staff, around 40 have been furloughed on the events side of the business, but Whiteley is quite clear: “The absolute priority is that we get through this with all the jobs intact, so that when we can get back into the office, hopefully in the next couple of months, there are as many people at Incisive as there were prior to this whole thing.”

However, he adds: “There’s no question it has been impactful on the sector and therefore on us.”

Impact on events

Around fifty per cent of Incisive’s business is events driven and this is the part that has been most affected. The company’s last event was held in early March and the next event is not likely to be until October. As a result, they have taken advantage of the government scheme to furlough some of those working on the event teams or in functions supporting events. On the plus side, quarter three which is most affected, is the quietest period when it comes to events.

Whiteley explains: “We’ve gone through a process of working out whether we do one of three things: we postpone an event until later in the year, but that comes at the risk that we’re stacking that last quarter; or we cancel some of those events and accept that we run them next year and have a year out – perhaps the large consumer events like festivals; then the third option is that we’ve virtualised some events.”

Impact on editorial

On the editorial side, the picture is much more positive. Incisive has been quick to introduce new editorial products, including Coronavirus news hubs, a collection of content around the implications for the industries it covers, analysis and interviews with senior executives and thought leaders.

One of its main audiences, the technology sector, has come into its own as a result of homeworking. Whiteley says: “We publish in three sectors: technology, financial services and sustainability. The tech companies are in heaven at the moment. All the SaaS technologies and the platforms they’ve built are really coming to the fore. In the tech world, our audience tend to be senior IT professionals, CEOs, CTOs, IT managers, that sort of thing, so they’re incredibly information hungry. As an audience group, they’ve come into their own. Of course, technology has always been important, but now it’s even more important to CEOs and CFOs. That part of our audience is very active at the moment, they are very engaged with our sites, they’re very engaged with the webinars.”

For its financial audiences, the move to working remotely has been a little more fraught in terms of issues around security and regulation, coupled with the negative impact on the capital markets.

“What we’re doing editorially around that is making sure we’re putting out as much thought leadership as we can. In our financial portfolio, we’re doing a lot more senior opinion format style interviews. Our financial portfolio is quite technical because we are often dealing so much with regulatory issues, so we’re doing a lot more longer form explainer pieces around the implications. They are great survivors the financial community, they’ve come through many crises, it will have an impact and their revenues will be impacted by the swings in the capital markets, but they tend to come back relatively quickly.”

Editors have been hosting “hang-outs” with key audience members. Whiteley reveals: “Like most B2B publishers over the last three years, we’ve been trying to take our reach much higher up the value chain within the audience. We have VVIP segments within our audience, so a lot of the editors and editorial directors are running hang-outs for those groups. There’s one running that’s a kind of ‘wine o’clock’ where they’re meeting at five and having a drink, but it’s for C-level and above in the audience group.”

Impact on advertising

On the commercial side, advertising was up in the first quarter of the year thanks to the certainty around the general election – “which seems so long ago now” says Whiteley – and most of the second quarter was pre-booked before lockdown began.

“To be really candid with you, the 64 million-dollar question is, how does that look in the second half? Inevitably advertising is correlated to GDP, we’ve got good brands, we’ve got strong market positions, but we can’t fight the tide. What we have seen is a big pivot towards digital.”

Incisive only has two remaining print magazines, Investment Week and Professional Pensions, which coincidentally went monthly in March. Its marketing teams have worked hard to ensure these will still be seen by readers, contacting subscribers to offer delivery to their home rather than office address, to ensure that clients can still reach their audience.

In addition, Incisive has introduced Deskflix, a new virtual event platform which allows clients to interact with and influence their audiences. “We think we were quite quick to market with that and you might recognise the format, having episodes and seasons around particular editorial topics that are badged up where clients can sponsor them, but the content is editorialised. For our asset management community for instance, ESG (environmental and social governance) is a big theme in investment at the moment, so we’re running a Deskflix season on ESG with specific episodes which have contributions from certain client groups. We are trying to virtualise events, but not have a very flat webinar style,” says Whiteley.

Looking ahead

Does he have any idea yet what the future holds for Incisive?

“It is too early to say. What we’ve been doing is modelling lots of different scenarios, thinking about how this could look. From a digital perspective, what this has done is really accelerated people’s acceptance of these sorts of communications. Video was always the largest growing category of digital media anyway and that will have accelerated further. We need to make sure that we’re in good shape to be able to provide that solution for audiences, and for our client base as well.”

“As regards events, if you ask ten different people you get ten different views on how events are going to look. As a nation, we’ve become incredibly good and competent at social distancing and I guess that will continue for a time. Our model has been that we are not now running another event until October and even then, we’re expecting that those events will have to be run with some form of social distancing and other provisions: hand sanitiser, low-level PPE if that’s required.”

Incisive’s events portfolio is 50/50 conferences and awards ceremonies. While some of its awards events are small intimate affairs, Whiteley cannot see a return to the grand Park Lane ballroom style award ceremonies any time soon.

“Our view is that nobody is going to want to go to a black tie do which is lots of carousing and backslapping; it’s very difficult to social distance at those, until much later in the year at the earliest,” he admits.

When it comes to conferences, it is the smaller events which he expects to come back first. “We do run some at the larger end where we may have 300 to 400 delegates, but actually the rump of our conferences are far more intimate. In the last five years, we’ve focused very much on quality over quantity in terms of audience participation. Investment Week has a very healthy events portfolio, but most of the events are sub-20 delegates, because those 20 delegates individually control many billions of assets under management. We’re more confident those sorts of events will continue into Q4 and into next year. Naturally, they lend themselves to more social distancing, they’re not hugga-mugga, you’re not queuing up to get your food, it’s a very different affair.”

He finds it “heart-warming” that after a difficult period in the post-truth era, one consequence of Covid-19 has been to restore people’s trust in independent journalism.

“We’re a really robust, vital sector. We were in danger up until the end of last year, with the post truth era, of journalism becoming less valuable. I think people have realised that trusted news and analysis from reputable sources at times like this is absolutely imperative.”

He adds: “We’re in a sector where the last fifteen years have seen a massive amount of disruption from digitalisation, and we’ve proved to ourselves that we can adapt at speed, that we are resilient, and that we will continue to focus on doing the things we need to do. Whilst at the moment it does feel like it’s a very difficult time for the sector I think it will bounce back very quickly and I think it is a sector that is really important in the eco-system of the markets that we serve.”

Jonathon Whiteley was speaking with InPublishing.

Trusted Reviews joins the Incisive Media stable

Incisive Media’s directors, through a new subsidiary company, are backing Chris Dicker, the managing director of Trusted Reviews, and his senior team, to develop and grow the business.

Trusted Reviews was founded in 2004 and provides its readers with thorough, unbiased and independent advice on which consumer products to buy, from domestic appliances to mobile phones.

Incisive Media’s CEO Jonathon Whiteley commented: “We see the acquisition of Trusted Reviews as a strategic diversification into a new but complimentary business model and market, given our existing presence in the B2B technology space in particular.  We are excited by the opportunity to support Chris Dicker and the existing management team and help them grow the business.”

Trusted Reviews compliments Incisive Media’s existing technology brands Computing and Computer Reseller News (CRN). For more information go to

Incisive Media joins the #lightitblue campaign to support the heroes of the NHS

Over the next week, Incisive is adding a #lightitblue ribbon to the mastheads of its market-leading sites and its corporate site.

Incisive’s top sites are: Investment Week, Professional Pensions, Professional Adviser, International Investment, Cover, BusinessGreen, Computing, CRN and Channel Partner Insight.

The #lightitblue campaign was launched this week by senior figures in the event and entertainment industry as a way of saying thank you to NHS workers.

On March 26, 38 landmarks around the UK – including the O2 Arena, National Theatre and Lincoln Cathedral – were illuminated in blue as the 8pm ‘clapping for the carers’ rang out across the UK.

Incisive Media CEO Jonathon Whiteley said: “We are delighted to show our support and solidarity for the extraordinary work that NHS teams are doing to save lives. This is a small gesture of solidarity to let them know that we, our readers and our commercial partners thank them and we all stand with them.”

Incisive Media bags four shortlist nods at the 2020 Awards Awards

The inaugural Women In Insurance Awards has secured the nomination in the best new event category, following up Incisive’s success with the Women in Investment Awards in 2019.

The Financial Services Forum – which Incisive acquired in 2019 – gets the nod for its Marketing Effectiveness Awards in two categories, the best sector specific event and best longstanding awards event.

Last but by no means least, Incisive’s indefatigable event operations team makes the grade in the best awards team category.

The four shortlist nominations highlight an impressive event performance for Incisive in 2019, when event revenue exceeded 50% of total turnover for the first time.

“We are delighted to be shortlisted in these categories at the Awards Awards at a time when face-to-face events are under pressure,” said Incisive Media CEO Jonathon Whiteley. “It is recognition from our peers of our tenacious championing of diversity and the continued success of the Financial Services Forum, plus of course the tremendous contribution made by our event operations team. The nominations are testament to the hard work and innovation that takes place across our business to deliver outstanding and meaningful events for our audiences.”

The 2020 Awards Awards take place at The Pavilion at the Tower of London on July 3. To see the full shortlist go to

For more information about the Women in Insurance Awards go to

The Financial Services Forum Marketing Effectiveness Awards can be found at

Investment Week celebrates 25th anniversary

The video was launched on on February 3, a week after the publication of a special anniversary issue of the magazine and four days after a party for industry leaders in Paternoster Square, close to St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Among the industry luminaries featured in the film, which was shot at The Gherkin in the City just before Christmas, are Richard Buxton, head of UK equities at Merian Global Investors, Karis Stander, managing director of Investment 20/20 and Giles Hargreave, co-manager of the Marlborough UK Micro-Cap Growth Fund.

Other contributors include Incisive Media chairman – and Investment Week founder – Tim Weller, Incisive Media CEO Jonathon Whiteley, and Investment Week Editor-in-chief Kat Lloyd.

For more information about Investment Week go to

Incisive Media adds three new diversity events to its 2020 programme

The events are part of the Incisive Connect brand, a full-service event agency that launched in January 2019 to provide clients with integrated marketing and events programmes to engage their customers and grow their businesses.

On the back of an incredibly successful diversity programme in 2019, Incisive is launching the Women in Accountancy and Finance Awards on May 6, the Women in Law Awards on June 2, and Women in Insurance Live on June 25. This brings the business’s total stable of diversity events to 12 awards and conferences.

“I’m delighted that Incisive Media is continuing to launch events that celebrate diversity,” said Incisive Media’s managing director of events Simone Broadhurst. “This is an important topic for us, and we want to support recognition for inspiring achievements of women in professional services sectors. We hope these events will continue to drive debate and further change.”

Incisive Connect has already delivered diversity events in the finance, pensions and IT sectors. It also works with The Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) to deliver the UK Credit Awards, and its client roster includes American Express, Blackrock and Orbis.

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