Incisive Media closes on its goal to become a fully sustainable business

This is the latest step in Incisive’s mission to become fully-sustainable, following its 2019 commitment to delivering a sustainable events agenda in partnership with Ecosphere+. The business has also replaced single-use plastic magazine wrappers with a recycled paper alternative, in partnership with its printers Stephens & George.

Incisive Media is at the forefront of the low carbon economy. Its environmental brand BusinessGreen has been instrumental in persuading the UK government to adopt a net zero emission strategy in 2019. The brand is widely regarded as the most influential source of information for sustainability executives, clean tech entrepreneurs and environmental policymakers.

“A responsible approach to sustainability and the environment is essential to ensure the future growth of our business and the role that we play in the wider communities we serve,” said Incisive’s CEO Jonathon Whiteley. 

“Care for the environment goes hand in hand with being a responsible employer, partner and customer. We encourage and empower everyone who works at Incisive Media to be aware of how the work we do affects the wider society.”

Bulb buys its energy from independent renewable generators across the UK. It is accredited by carbon offset projects verified by the Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard or the UNFCCC’s Clean Development Mechanism.

Incisive Media works with Ecosphere+ to offset its events’ carbon footprint. As part of the €100 million impact investment Althelia Climate Fund, Ecosphere+ brings to market the largest portfolio of forest conservation projects in the world, generating verified carbon credits and measurable sustainable development impacts. 

Incisive announced a pledge in 2019 that every event it organises will commit to working towards the International Standard ISO 20121 (Event Sustainability Management Systems). The business follows the guidance set out by the Sustainable Event Alliance (SEA) to deliver this strategy and champion the mission to create a genuinely-sustainable events business.

You can learn more about Incisive Media’s event sustainability plans by watching our video here.

Read Incisive’s full events sustainability statement here.

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Incisive Media unveils mission to create a sustainable event business

As part of the new strategy, Incisive Media will use our membership of the SEA to guide us through the ISO 20121 standard and benchmark our implementation and progress. The ISO 20121 provides a practical tool for managing events so that they contribute to the three dimensions of sustainability – economic, environmental and social.

To put the standard into perspective, the goal is to reduce paper consumption across events and improve recycling rates, curb food waste and look at how we can reduce or even cut entirely the serving of red meat during lunch and evening dinners. We have also committed to deliver carbon offsetting at events wherever relevant and provide delegates with accessible venues and highlight how to travel to events via public transport.

“Events are a thriving and ever-growing part of our business but they come with a serious environmental responsibility. With the added challenge of a great number of different partners and suppliers involved in organising and servicing an event, we are asking all suppliers to provide detailed information on their sustainability credentials and initiatives to ensure that they meet with our objectives,” said Simone Broadhurst, managing director of events at Incisive Media.

James Murray, editor in chief of BusinessGreen, the UK’s leading source of information for the green economy (published by Incisive Media), added: “Our goal is to inform, connect, and inspire businesses and organisations as they work to build a cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous economy.”

You can learn more about Incisive Media’s plans by watching their video here

Read our full events sustainability statement here.