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As one of the world's leading business-to business information providers, we believe we have a responsibility to not just provide excellent products and services, but to invest in the communities where our money can make a measureable impact.

In 2010, we launched the Incisive Media Foundation to increase the focus and depth of our work with local and international communities and to find new ways of using the skills of our people to help support charitable work. We have created a powerful narrative that supports the work our staff do and also gives us the perfect platform to reach out to our clients and audiences.

The Incisive Media Foundation is currently focused on two key areas that neatly align with our business and expertise:

  • Education - especially children and young people in the UK and overseas
  • Literacy - giving children the skills they need to better equip them for life

The Foundation is managed by a dedicated committee of staff from across the business, with executive oversight and strategic input and wide-ranging participation from teams working in every area of the company.

We look to actively partner with charities that share our vision and where we feel our support can make a difference. We look to make long term commitments and to build genuine partnerships with the charities the committee and wider staff select.

These partnerships are regularly reviewed but we do not work on a short-term 'Charity of the Year' basis.

In 2013, we expanded the Foundation to Incisive Media's Asia operations.

Our mission statement

The Incisive Media Foundation partners with local and international charities that aim to improve the education and career opportunities among disadvantaged people, raising significant funds for those charities through Incisive Media's portfolio of client events. The Foundation also seeks to provide a framework through which staff can volunteer a small amount of their time to contribute their skills and make a meaningful difference to the lives of others.

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Donate to the Incisive Media Foundation and its partner charities

You can donate online to the Foundation or any of its partner charities. If you want your donation to be directed to one of the charities please add the charity name – or an invoice number if it is in relation to a pledge at an event – and we will ensure it reaches them. You can do this using the email options that appear towards the end of the donation process.

UK taxpayers can add Gift Aid to their donations by giving online.

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The Incisive Media Foundation is a registered charity with the GivingWorks network. UK charity registration number 1078770.