About Incisive Media

We are an award-winning business to business digital media and events business. We inspire, connect and inform through our market-leading brands.

What drives us

We are defined by our values – we pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial culture, laser-like focus on customers and our ability to constantly adapt to the ever-changing digital information marketplace. It is our mission to inform and innovate with integrity, honesty and fairness.

Our promise to you

Our business is about people and relationships and we strive to provide the very best service to our audiences and our clients. Our processes are built around the principle that dealing with Incisive Media should be easy, friendly, straightforward and professional.

The Incisive Media team

Emma Cutbill, head of HR, Incisive Media

Emma Cutbill

Head of HR

Emma heads up our HR function, overseeing the...Read more

Kevin Sinclair, managing director, financial media, Incisive Media

Kevin Sinclair

Managing Director, Financial Media

Kevin joined Incisive Media in 2000, and held...Read more

Sophie Eke, marketing director, Incisive Media

Sophie Eke

Chief marketing officer

Sophie joined Incisive Media in 2007 and is...Read more

Alan Loader, managing director, tech media, Incisive Media

Alan Loader

Managing Director, Tech Media

Alan joined the company in 2002. He is...Read more

Robin Shute, operations director, Incisive Media

Robin Shute

Operations Director

Robin joined the business in 2015 and leads...Read more

Paul Harvey, chief revenue officer, Incisive Media

Paul Harvey

Chief revenue officer

Paul joined the company in 1999. He is...Read more

Jonathan Stapleton Professional Pensions editor Incisive Media

Jonathan Stapleton

Editor, Professional Pensions

Jonathan has over 17 years' experience in journalism,...Read more

Katrina Lloyd

Editor in Chief, Investment Week

Katrina is editor-in-chief of our flagship financial brand,...Read more

James Baxter-Derrington

Editor, Investment Week

James has been editor of Investment Week since...Read more

Nima Green, editor, Channel Partner Insight, Incisive Media

Nima Green

Editor, Channel Partner Insight

Nima Sherpa Green is a British/Sherpa journalist and...Read more

Stuart Sumner, editorial director, Computing, Incisive Media

Stuart Sumner

Editorial Director, Computing

Stuart is Editorial Director of Incisive Media's technology...Read more

James Murray, editor in chief, BusinessGreen, Incisive Media

James Murray

Editor in Chief, Business Green

James Murray is editor-in-chief of BusinessGreen and one...Read more

Josh Budd, editor, Channel Partner Insight, Incisive Media

Josh Budd

Editor, CRN

Josh Budd is editor of CRN. He joined...Read more

David Cowan, managing director, Financial Services Forum, Incisive Media

David Cowan

Managing Director, The Financial Services Forum

David has a career track record in senior...Read more

Alex Sword, editor, Financial Services Forum, Incisive Media

Alex Sword

Editor, Financial Services Forum

Alex Sword is the editor of the Financial...Read more

Hope Coumbe

Editor, Professional Adviser

Hope William-Smith is editor at Professional Adviser. She...Read more

Cameron Roberts

Editor, COVER

Cameron Roberts is editor of COVER, Incisive Media's...Read more

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growing team

People are by far our most important asset and our staff play the leading role in our success. Become part of our team and work in a supportive and entrepreneurial environment that encourages and nurtures innovation.

Digital Publisher of the Year

Incisive Media has been awarded the AOP Digital Publisher of the Year title a record five times in 2010, 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2020. We are also the current PPA Connect Grand Prix event organiser, awarded for Outstanding Contribution to the sector.

Incisive Media are supporters of


A responsible approach to the environment is essential to ensure the future sustainability of our business and the role that we play in the communities that we serve. Our view is that care for the environment goes hand in hand with our work as a media business. We continually develop and revise our sustainability approach to satisfy our ambitions, and encourage and empower everyone who works at Incisive Media to be aware of how the work we do affects wider society.

Diversity and inclusion

Incisive Media strives to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people regardless of their social background, age, sex, ethnicity, religion/belief or disability and to make use of their talents. Diversity at Incisive Media means valuing everyone as an individual. 

About the foundation

The Incisive Media Foundation partners with local and international charities that aim to improve the education and career opportunities among disadvantaged people, raising significant funds for those charities through Incisive Media’s portfolio of client events. The Foundation also seeks to provide a framework through which staff can volunteer a small amount of their time to contribute their skills and make a meaningful difference to the lives of others.

The history of Incisive Media