BusinessGreen’s Net Zero Now campaign celebrates victory

The Incisive Media-owned site celebrated victory for its campaign on June 12 after Prime Minister Theresa May announced a net zero target for emissions by 2050 would be enshrined in legislation. The move makes the UK the first major economy to set such a goal in law and positions it as a global leader in tackling the climate crisis.

BusinessGreen launched its Net Zero Now campaign in June 2018, a month after the site was re-designed with fresh content and writers to help sustainability executives and policy-makers become more effective in their roles and further their careers.

The campaign featured a Net Zero Manifesto, calling on governments and businesses to adopt the radical decarbonisation strategies necessary to honour the commitments made in the Paris Agreement.

Over the past year, BusinessGreen has published a constant stream of interviews, case studies, news stories, and opinion pieces demonstrating how leading businesses are embracing the net zero transition and want to see supportive government targets and policies introduced.

The Net Zero Now campaign supported wider calls from business groups and green NGOs for the net zero target to be adopted as soon as possible, providing an evidence base to accompany the Committee on Climate Change’s recommendation that the government set a new target.

“A huge number of businesses, campaigners, investors, and politicians deserve huge credit for presenting such a compelling case for a new net zero emission target,” said BusinessGreen editor-in-chief James Murray. “But we are delighted that the Net Zero Now campaign played a small role in demonstrating how many leading businesses are embracing the net zero transition and unlocking the huge economic and environmental benefits it will bring.

“The campaign will now continue as BusinessGreen and its readers turn our attention to the daunting but inspiring task of delivering on this historic goal.”

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