Incisive Media continues to invest in digital services for the benefit of audiences and advertisers.

The following are just some of the latest initiatives we’ve put in place to re-enforce our commitment to advertisers and their agencies as well as provide a superior UX to readers.


In response to the launch of Google Chrome’s ad blocker, which goes live on February 15, we are advising clients not to specify overlay or pop-up creatives as part of their advertising campaigns.

Google is a driving force behind the Coalition for Better Ads (see, which has identified a number of ad formats as intrusive, including overlays.

After February 15, Google Chrome will block all ads on a website should they discover one of these ad formats running, and we believe it is in our clients’ best interests to reduce their use of overlays and pop-ups to ensure campaigns are delivered effectively across all browsers.

This approach will ensure we can effectively deliver ad campaigns, and guard against potential brand damage associated with overly-intrusive ad formats and falling foul of Google.

Ad inventory quality control

We have implemented the ads.txt protocol across all our sites to ensure that we only serve authorised ad inventory to users. This initiative has been spearheaded by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Incisive Media is compliant with all of their protocols.

The ads.txt protocol is significant because it is championed by Google, in the same way as the Coalition for Better Ads, and it is increasingly being adopted by publishers.

Incisive was an early adopter of this standard, and this approach ensures a brand-safe environment for our commercial partners.

Combating fraudulent ad impressions

Incisive Media is the first UK B2B publisher to block fraudulent ad impressions before they are served to website users, using the Integral Ad Science platform.

Fraudulent ad impressions are a major issue for all digital media companies, and by blocking them at source Incisive is ensuring that all ad impressions are delivered to real users. This approach ensures robust deliverability and maximises the impact of a campaign.

For further details about any of these initiatives or to hear more about the innovative ways that Incisive Media can support your marketing communication campaigns please contact the sales team.