Incisive Media launches account based marketing platform IncisiveNexus


Incisive Media has launched a new account based marketing (ABM) platform to complement its existing demand generation programme.

The IncisiveNexus platform aims to mitigate the specific challenges of ABM and cut through the thickets of acronyms, black boxes of data and overly-complicated technology ecosystems associated with this approach.

The platform will work across Incisive’s technology portfolio, which includes Computing and CRN.

Account based marketing is a strategic approach to business marketing based on account awareness in which an organisation considers and communicates with individual prospect or customer accounts as markets of one.

An ABM approach typically suffers from a lack of transparency and scarcity of transparent first-party data. Incisive has built on its existing first-party relationships and experience within the IT sector to address these issues.

The business has collaborated with leading ABM consultant Dan Shaw to build the new platform.

“It is clear from the depth of content and the huge amount of engagement the B2B community has with that content that Incisive are sitting on some incredibly strong data,” said Shaw. “It’s easy to get obsessed by the technology that is needed to underpin a marketing solution like ABM. But the reality is it all starts with the relationship – the data and insight that stems from that relationship can be mind-blowing. The technology is the enabler. And that’s why I have been so excited working with the Incisive team on this launch.”

“We genuinely believe B2B technology vendors can deliver more through a smart ABM approach,” said Incisive’s group sales director Paul Harvey. “The key to IncisiveNexus is the transparency of the data. As the digital advertising sector is coming under pressure to demonstrate compliance, we have taken the view that consent is absolutely key. And being able to showcase the huge amount of insight we have on users in a way that moves away from the more ‘creepy’ elements of online tracking is vital.”

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