Incisive Media launches content marketing arm


Incisive Works are a team of journalists, designers, digital marketers and researchers. The new division provides a number of benefits to financial services firms and technology clients, including detailed audience profiles, editorial services and data-driven insights.

“At a time when marketers in our industry are under increasing pressure to perform as margins decline and resources are squeezed, Incisive Works is serving a growing number of clients with the resources and data insight they need to up their content marketing game,” said Tom Wright, Director, Content and Performance Marketing Services with Incisive Works.

Clients including investment manager Architas are already using the content Incisive Works create as the centrepiece of their marketing programme, and integrating it across their entire corporate communications.

Investec Asset Management has also used the creative execution and marketing skills of the Incisive Works business unit as part of the group’s 2017 ‘Defensification’ campaign. On behalf of the asset manager, Incisive Works created a series of digital assets and videos that were successfully marketed to a ‘highly targeted’ audience over a three month period.

Jonathon Whiteley, CEO, Incisive Media said: “As B2B digital marketing continues to evolve with a keen emphasis on not just branding but performance, so too has Incisive Media with the launch of Incisive Works. The new business unit will serve an expanding client roster in sectors that we have worked in, lived and breathed for decades.”

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