Incisive Media’s double-triumph at the 2022 PPA Awards

Incisive Media has landed two trophies at the 2022 PPA Awards, the UK publishing industry’s leading annual event. The event took place on June 22.

First, Incisive – part of the Arc network – won innovation of the year for Nexus, its next-generation account-based marketing programme.

Then, the Sustainable Investment Festival (SIF), launched in 2021 as a four-day digital show, was  named business event of the year.

The win for Nexus meant that Incisive Media has won the innovation prize twice in the last three years, following the success of Computing Delta in 2020.

The judges said Nexus ‘impressed with a strong reinvention of an existing brand, delivering instant results with significant long-term potential. This business showcased a silo-busting spirit which strengthens collaboration and generates a powerful sense of pride for all those involved’.

Launched in 2021, Incisive Nexus is a cutting-edge account-based marketing product that delivers clients a laser-focused insight into which businesses want to buy their products, based on best-in-class first party data capabilities. It was devised by managing director Alan Loader and chief revenue officer Paul Harvey.

In its first year, Nexus delivered substantial six-figure revenues and helped to power the double-digit revenue and profit growth of Computing in 2021.

Nexus was chosen by the PPA judges from a six-strong shortlist that also included innovations from the likes of Hearst and New Scientist.

In the business event category, SIF was also lauded by the judges for its ‘brave and bold approach taken at a time when many other businesses were struggling. The ambitious decisions made by the business paid off, seeing fantastic results both in terms of delegate engagement and commercial revenues’.

The seven-strong shortlist also included Incisive’s Professional Pensions Live, as well as the World Architecture Festival and awards in the travel and music sectors.

Launched by managing director Kevin Sinclair, SIF was filmed over four days at London’s Protein Studios. It was hosted by financial journalist and broadcaster Declan Curry, alongside Incisive editors Kat Lloyd, Jonathan Stapleton, Beth Brearley and Tom Ellis, and supported by market-leading brands Investment Week, Professional Pensions and Professional Adviser.

The show attracted substantial six-figure revenues from 30 commercial partners and 1200 delegates.

Incisive Media CEO Jonathon Whiteley said: “These two award wins tell you everything that’s great about the business and the people who work here. Both Nexus and SIF were brave, innovative launches that were executed with extremely high levels of energy and professionalism. And both delivered instant results for our audiences and commercial partners.”

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