Staff Volunteering Opportunities

Our newest Foundation charity partner is The Connection at St Martins who provide a range of specialist services which help people cope with the physical and psychological crisis of being homeless, while getting to the root cause of why someone ended up on the streets. Their holistic approach supports people to rebuild their lives so they have viable alternatives to rough sleeping.

Did you know…

…that since the beginning of May 2018, Incisive Media employees have had the opportunity to volunteer two hours out of their Thursday mornings to serve breakfast to the charity’s clients at their centre just down the road at St Martin-in-the-Fields. With bookings being made months in advance, the volunteering slot has been hugely popular with over 20 active volunteers giving up a small portion of their time to give back to the local community.

“A fantastic opportunity to help others in need, left me feeling very humbled and with a bit more perspective.” – Georgina Shaw

“It’s great that Incisive are supportive of a local charity that allows us to give back to the community we work in. A couple of hours a week is a small personal sacrifice to make a difference to someone’s day.” – Natasha Buckle

“The Connection is an amazing charity and volunteering with them is a fantastic opportunity to do something for others. The team there are lovely and explained exactly what we needed to do. A real eye opening experience.” – Katie Burridge