Sustainability policy for events

Our aim is to deliver events which combine content, substance, engagement and sustainability.

Scope and Objective
This policy explains Incisive Media’s approach to sustainability for our events and clearly communicates this to our employees, sponsors, clients, venues and suppliers.
We run many events, each with a different set of clients and suppliers and our approach to sustainability is tailored to each event. The objective of this policy is to provide clear cross-event guiding principles for all our event planning and decision-making.

We will deliver carbon offsetting to cover the carbon footprint of our events. We favour venues with energy efficient lighting systems and policies, natural daylight and who source their energy from renewable sources.
We specify the use of the most energy efficient options for AV requirements, including specifying LED lighting wherever suitable. On site at the event, our staff are diligent in checking that lighting and equipment are turned off when not required, and we ask our suppliers to do the same.

Transport and Air Emissions
We favour venues that are local to the delegates, accessible by public transport, and welcoming to guests arriving by bicycle or on foot. We choose venues with suitable in-house AV and other required equipment to reduce shipping needs.
We aim to encourage delegates to travel in a sustainable manner to our events, including public transport and walking directions. We look for ways to consolidate and reduce the number of deliveries required.

Water Usage
We favour venues and caterers with good policies on water use and look for evidence of water saving measures. We always try to supply tap water or filtered tap water rather than bottled water to delegates.

Waste and Recycling
We favour venues which provide fully re-usable equipment, especially for refreshments. We try to ensure that there are no single-use plastics provided at our events. We ensure that as far as possible, all recyclable waste is properly recycled.
We encourage the use of electronic communication methods as much as possible, such as for registrations and confirmations. We aim to re-use event materials as much as possible and failing this, we ensure they are recyclable.

Supply Chain and Communication
We favour suppliers which have and follow a sustainability policy or who are in the process of implementing one. Where possible we try to source suppliers close to the event venue.
When ordering event materials we look at where the item is produced and how it is transported at each stage. We communicate with all suppliers about our sustainable approach to events.
Where appropriate, suppliers are required to complete a sustainability assessment. Where appropriate, we will include clauses in supplier contracts which hold them accountable for actions relating to sustainability.

Food Supplies
When ordering catering we endeavour to make sure that all produce is sourced from the UK. If fish is offered, we ensure it is from sustainable sources. We will be reducing the red meat content of the menu offerings.

We are working towards compliance to the ISO 20121 sustainable events standard and follow the guidelines set out by the Sustainable Event Alliance (SEA)